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Meet the Team

Wellness is the complete integration of body, mind, and spirit- the realization that everything we do, think, feel, and believe has an affect on our state of well-being. - Greg Anderson

Co-Owner and Community Relations

Yuly loves discovering new things and connecting with the community around her. As co-owner she hopes that VIDA becomes a vessel for unity and wellness, regardless of your personal journey. Yuly is constantly in the community connecting with partners, and co-creating ideas and events. Have an idea or want to connect reach out at

Co-Owner and Therapist

Sergio is passionate about mental health and connecting with his clients. A little over fifteen years ago Sergio decided to follow his passion and leave his path in Engineering to answer the call of his purpose. As co-owner of VIDA he hopes to create a holistic, welcoming, and safe space to address our communities mental health needs and eliminate the stigma associated with it. Wanna learn more about Sergio and his therapeutic style? Visit the COUNSELING page. 

Breastfeeding Support

Amanda Howell is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) with seventeen years of experience helping families with an integrative approach. Amanda has  years of experience in tongue tie an oral dysfunction, her goal is to follow a holistic approach to resolution. Through a calming therapeutic presence, Amanda creates a space where mothers and babies can feel safe and supported. Helping families gives her joy and fills her soul.She is thrilled to join VIDA and support mother's in our community. For more information visit LECHE 4 LIFE on FB. 

Megan Thompson Headshot.jpg

Megan is a licensed clinical mental health counselor associate (LCMHCA) who specializes in supporting children and adolescents who are struggling with stress, anxiety, and other life challenges such as family changes and transitions, and academic transitions or challenges. 

She has over a decade of experience teaching clients how to develop healthy coping skills to manage stress and anxiety. She strongly believes in providing her clients with the tools they need to feel empowered to navigate new challenges they may face both in and out of school, thus helping them build life-long resilience.Some of the specific interventions she utilizes with clients include cognitive behavior therapy, solution-focused brief therapy, mindfulness techniques, and play therapy. To book  visit.


Irisol has allowed us to celebrate VIDA with art and a constant reminder of what wellness can be. Her public work often reflects her interpretation of what it means to be a Latin American immigrant, a brown woman, and a person who has two cultures working simultaneously in every endeavor and experience. With a double mayor in psychology and political science she often poses moral questions from a psychological and/or political standpoint

Check out our Social Media to see the mural and learn more about the artist. 

Spanish Immersion

Yolanda is fun-loving and creative force who loves art, music and people. Yolanda has over 25 years experience working with children and has found a way to align her skills and her passions, helping children discover their artistic side and discover a new culture. Yolanda utilizes art as a way to help kids grow, learn and most importantly have fun. Wanna know more, check out our EVENTS page for upcoming events or email us at 

2023 DH HEAD SHOT_edited.jpg

At a young age Dan started learning kung fu.This small passion shaped the rest of his life in amazing ways. Throughout his time in the Marine Corps Dan began to really see how much his kung fu practice enriched his life and that of those around him. After his service he decided to stay on that journey and deepen his practice of Chinese medicine and oriental healing methods. Now with 20+ years of experience in shaolin kung fu, 12 years as a practicing massage therapist and 6 years as an NCBTMB certified CE provider he's excited to bring his skills to Vida Wellness Center. 

To learn more visit: or

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